From Carey Teng, the Founder and Director of Elite Management School (EMS)

“Why do we love to get up and go to work every morning?”

EMS started as a final year assignment when I was completing my MBA in Wellington, way back in 2002. I was required to come up with a business plan assignment for the Entrepreneurial and Innovation course. It was merely an idea and I did not expect it to turn out to be my sole profession since graduating in 2002.

I spent many years exploring ways that my ideas and concepts about international education could enable students to reach their potential. The desire for great student outcomes became the inspiration for our slogan: Making Futures Happen.

Our team at EMS takes pride in assisting each of you to follow your life dreams and succeed in your future careers. Our well-established pathways and stronger personalised support system will help you to maximise the return on your educational investment.

Located in beautiful Wellington, the “Coolest little capital city in the world”, we are here with you every step of the way, to help you achieve success and ensure you are career-ready when you graduate.  We will be there to ensure rewarding experience an help yu to achieve your goal.

So why not join our ELITE journey? Let us be part of your future success!

We look forward to working with you to make your future happens in New Zealand or wherever you dream of ending up!

Keep on believing in your future!

Elite Management School (EMS) has been a New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) registered and accredited tertiary educational provider in Wellington since 2003.


    • EMS has been operating in the international markets and government-funded employment training sector and has built an excellent reputation as a provider of quality teaching and support services.


Our Mission: Career-Ready Graduates

We provide elite, well-rounded and career-ready education, which helps prepare each student with the subject knowledge, skills, employability competencies, values and attitudes that they are required to have in order to make a meaningful difference to their future successful careers.

Our Core Values

Our core values serve as a compass for how we act and behave at work. We inspire success for each of you by the virtue of our core values:

  1. We value successful outcomes for our graduates – we are with you on every step of the way, whatever it takes;

  2. We value quality and excellence – nothing can be accomplished without hard work and high standards;

  3. We value openness and transparency – we believe in resolving issues early;

  4. We value being part of the solution – we know we can count on each other to ensure that you succeed;

  5. We value the purpose of what we do – we care for you and ourselves by embracing achievement and happiness in life.

Our Vision

Our future focuses on continuing a successful track record as a premier career-ready school in Wellington. Our elite programme ensures that our graduates are highly sought after by reputable employers in New Zealand and throughout the world.​

Our new logo portrays the spirit of Making Futures Happen. It also reflects on our journey of self-discovery and transformation through the past 15 years in this business. Our passion makes us stand out as we help our students to achieve their career aspirations.

The contemporary shield lays a solid foundation that conveys our mission – Career-Ready Education for relevant knowledge and skills, employment competencies, values and attitudes.

The design incorporates New Zealand’s indigenous “Maori flax weaving”, which suggests innovation and prosperity. The line surrounding the logo symbolises our elite and well-rounded education and stronger personalised support system. It nurtures each student to ensure that they’re transformed into successful future-driven graduates, who will have exciting careers all around the world.

The two colours complement our Wellington-San Francisco Pathway under development. This encompasses the returns for the students’ and their families’ investment in overseas education. It also creates multiple career opportunities in the global context along with dual immigration benefits in both the countries. The yellow in our logo stands for the Wellington-based champion Hurricanes rugby team. The maroon represents the world renowned Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The combination of these two colours reinforces the idea of synergy and shared success.



Personalised Support

Beautiful Wellington

Where a university strives for academic excellence and a polytechnic prepares work-ready graduates, Elite Management School (EMS), offers students both in a caring environment where every student matters. We believe that our well-established pathways and stronger personalised support adds value to students’ transition to education or employment, and helps make your learning experience rewarding and memorable.

#1. Our authorised Degree Pathways provide time and cost-efficient solution and may help the transfer of up to 120 credits (equivalent of 1st year degree) to a university or 180 credits to a polytechnic

#2. Our level 6 diploma graduates are eligible for two-year open work visa. We provide guaranteed Internship placement service to eligible students

#3. Our extensive industry and employer networks in Wellington provide valuable opportunities for internship, work experience, part-time work and sustainable employment.

#4. Our New Zealand Certificate in English language (NZCEL) programmes provides a smart alternative to IELTS for meeting language requirement in New Zealand. We offer up to $8,000 Degree Pathway Scholarship via NZCEL programmes

#5. Our “elite education” policy of delivering teaching in small classes (less than 16 students in each class) makes our commitment to stronger personalised support a reality

#6. Conveniently located in the city centre, the “Coolest little capital city in the world” – Wellington is the best choice for smart, ambitious and creative students from all over the world

#7. We provide complimentary IELTS training for eligible NZDB and NZCEL students

#8. We provide complimentary arrival accommodation and airport pick upfor eligible students and flight ticketing price-matching service


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