NZQA accredited provider

Level 5


Programme Name: New Zealand Diploma in Business (with strand in Leadership and Management)
Acronyms: NZDB, NZDipBus
Specialised Area: Business, Leadership, and Management
Programme Level: NZQF Level 5 (NZQA qualification number 2459)
NZQA accreditation listing
Programme Credits: 120 credits
Number of papers: 8 papers (15 credits for each paper)
Programme Length: 8-9 months
Fee (International): $18,500 per academic year (8 papers = 1 academic year).
Fee (Domestic): $4,000
Bundled IELTS 6.0 training: Available to all students on the programme
Potential pathway to: Massey University Business School’s Bachelor of Business & Bachelor of Retail and Business Management
  WelTec and Whitireia Bachelor of Business and Management (BBM)
  AUT’s Bachelor of Business

NZDB Programme Aim

The purpose of this programme is to provide Aotearoa New Zealand with people who have general and specialised knowledge and skills that can be applied in a range of operational roles.

The overall aim of this programme is to inspire and transform learners by equipping them with knowledge, essential business skills, attitudes and values underpinning key leadership and management functions in typical business environments. This programme also aims to provide New Zealand business entities with people who are, or can be, employed in management roles at an operational level and who can contribute to the management and leadership of business entities to achieve agreed objectives and achieve the entity’s objectives at an operational level in a bi-cultural and multi-cultural environment.

Graduates will have specialised knowledge and skills for application in operational roles in New Zealand business entities and will benefit New Zealand business entities’ operational objectives, through the application of knowledge and skills, in an ethical manner, in a bi and multi-cultural environment.

The course consists of the following eight papers:

  • 5200  Business Fundamentals
  • 5201  Professional Practice and Communication in Business
  • 5202  Contributing to Business Innovation and Change
  • 5210  Managing Business Operations
  • 5211  Business Planning
  • 5212  Leading Business Activities and Change
  • 5213  New Zealand Business Environment
  • 5214  Managing Projects

Graduate Profile

Graduates will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of the principles and practices of operations, accounting, sales/marketing, human resources, and risk management to support the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the entity.
  • Contribute in operational contexts to innovation and organisational change within a business entity.
  • Develop and maintain operational business relationships with stakeholders for efficient and effective performance of the entity.
  • Research and communicate information for efficient and effective performance of the entity.
  • Apply problem-solving and decision-making in operational contexts for efficient and effective performance of the entity.
  • Manage own and others’ learning and performance within an operational context for efficient and effective performance of the entity.
  • Apply professional and ethical behaviour, in a socially and culturally appropriate manner.
  • Analyse the impact of internal and external environments on entities.
  • Analyse how the origin and nature of the bi-cultural partnership (as embedded in the Treaty of Waitangi) can be applied to business activities and relationships.
  • Identify operational issues and challenges and apply techniques for continuous improvement for efficient and effective performance of the entity.
  • Contribute to the business planning for efficient and effective performance of the entity Lead others to implement activities within the entity’s plans, including change, for efficient and effective performance of the entity.
  • Manage projects within scope, resources and time.
  • Negotiate and positively influence others to achieve the entity’s outcomes.
  • Develop a positive workplace culture and team engagement, for efficient and effective performance of the entity.
  • Promote compliance with internal and external requirements.

Graduate Options

Academic Pathway    
Continue on to study the New Zealand Diploma in Business (NZDB, Level 6) – 9 months. You may be able to transfer up to 60 credits towards a Bachelor Degree programme offered at a university in New Zealand (at the discretion of the university). Students graduating with the New Zealand Diploma in Business and Management (Level 5) from Elite Management School are eligible to transfer 120 credits to our partner in San Francisco, USA. Study for three further years to complete a US Bachelor Degree.

Who Should Enrol?

  • High school graduates who want to obtain an entry-level tertiary business qualification; and,
  • want to build a solid foundation for academic excellence; and,
  • are interested in potentially transferring up to 75 credits and continuing to study at a university in New Zealand; and,
  • are interested in meeting the entry criteria for our NZDB Level 6 programme.

Entry Requirement

Applicants must have:

a) Have completed University Entrance which requires NCEA Level 3 including:

14 credits at NCEA Level 3 in three different approved subjects.
10 credits at NCEA Level 2 or higher in English or Maaori (5 in reading, 5 in writing). 10 credits at NCEA Level 1 or higher in Mathematics or Paangarau.


b) A total of 50 credits at NCEA Level 2 or higher including:
At least 12 credits in three different subjects.
Your 50 credits must also include 8 credits in English or Teo Reo Maaori (4 in reading, 4 in writing); and
c) 14 credits at NCEA Level 1 or higher in Mathematics or Paangarau on the Directory of Assessment Standards.


d) A qualification equivalent to 50 credits at NCEA Level 2.

Applicants must possess:

Intake Schedule for the 2019 academic year

We offer three intakes per year. Most students complete the NZDB Level 5 programme in 9 months. After graduating, students can go on to study the NZDB Level 6 programme. In most cases, students can expect to complete both qualifications in 18 months.

We are offering the following intakes in 2019:

  • 11 March 2019
  • 1 July 2019
  • 21 October 2019

Immigration New Zealand Work Rights

International students are required to hold a valid Immigration New Zealand Student visa.

For further information and enrolment details, please contact us: