NZQA accredited provider

Level 4


Programme Name: New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology)
Acronym: NZCB
Specialised Area: Business Administration and Technology
Programme Level: NZQF Level 4 (NZQA qualification number 2461)
NZQA accreditation listing
Programme Credits: 60 credits
Number of papers: 4 papers (15 credits for each paper)
Programme Length: 4-5 months
Tuition fee (International): $7,500
Tuition fee (Domestic): $2,000

NZCB Programme Aim

The NZCB aims to provide New Zealand business entities with people who have business administration and technology skills to work in a range of office administration roles.

Graduate Profile

Graduates will be able to:

– Technical knowledge and skills: Select and apply business applications and technological devices to provide administrative services to meet business entity needs, Perform financial calculations, process data, and produce information for business purposes, Maintain administrative systems and processes and make recommendations for improvements, to meet business entity needs.

– People skills: Communicate to develop relationships with stakeholders, Collaborate and contribute to the achievement of team objectives, Select and apply customer service techniques, to consistently meet stakeholder expectations.

Graduate Options

Continue on to study the New Zealand Diploma in Business (NZDB, Level 5).

Entry Requirement

Applicants may be interviewed to assess their suitability for the programme. They must be:

  • at least 18 years old; and,
  • an overseas high school graduate, or,
  • studying at a New Zealand high school, and are expecting to gain the following NCEA credits:
  • 50 NCEA credits at Level 2 or above, with at least 12 credits in each of three subjects
  • Literacy: 8 credits at Level 2 or above, made up of 4 credits in reading and 4 credits in writing
  • Numeracy: 14 numeracy credits at Level 1 or above

Applicants must possess:

NZCB Programme Structure

Students must complete four compulsory papers (Level 4):

  • Business Workplace Principles
  • Business Administration Techniques
  • Business Information and Data Processes
  • Business Administration Strategies

Intake Schedule for the 2019 academic year

We are offering three intakes per year in 2019:

  • 11 March 2019
  • 1 July 2019
  • 21 October 2019

Immigration New Zealand Work Rights

International students are required to hold a valid Immigration New Zealand Student visa.

For further information and enrolment details, please contact us: