Free course


Programme Name: Employment Placement Service (EPS)
Specialised Area: Employment training and placement
Government Funding Body: Ministry of Social Development (MSD)
Programme Length: 12 weeks
Tuition fee guide: Participant travel allocation: Free for eligible MSD-registered job seekers
Participant travel allocation: Available weekly

Who Should Enrol

  • MSD registered job seekers
  • Clients who are interested to enter the job markets in the retail and hospitality sector

Entry Requirement

  • A MSD Case Manager referral;
  • Applicants may be interviewed to assess their suitability for the programme.

Enrolment documents

The TFW programme is dedicated to MSD-registered job seekers. We will require the confirmation of MSD referral.

Programme Aim

Our TFW programme is designed to supply clients with the essential entry-level skills and knowledge needed to obtain employment opportunities in the retail and hospitality sectors. We deliver short, skill focussed interventions to support clients to gain work and achieve sustainable employment that provide possible career opportunities.

EMS has a proven track-record of effective learner recruitment and training delivery. EMS has built and strengthened its connections and partnerships with a broad range of Government agencies, Industries and businesses, employers and communities.

Programme Structure

Our TFW programme consists of carefully selected content appropriate for the level of the enrolment selection, while maintaining a flexible design that meets individual learning needs through skills development and supportive workplace practices. It is designed to supply skills required by the industry through our responsive education and training system. Within our TFW programme you will be assisted with communication strategies, job search skills, interview skills, barista training and/or basic office skills to help give you the confidence you need to get into paid work. All skills development activities and supportive workplace practices are developed in consultation with businesses from the relevant industries.

We aim to provide suitable employees with the right skills required by employers and industries relating to:

  • pre-employment matters
  • communication skills
  • workplace context
  • specific employer’s required skill training

The programme consists of:

  1. Assessment
  2. Service delivery
    • An individual job search plan
    • CV and cover letter preparation
    • Knowing what employers look for
    • Twice weekly industry focused classes
    • Interview skills
    • Barista training
    • On-job training
    • Work-based learning experience
  3. Employment placement for
    • part-time and full-time placement
    • 31-day Employment Placement or Higher Education
  4. Post placement in work support for
    • one on one career support, plan and coaching and communication with employers
    • 182-day continuous employment or higher education
    • 365-day continuous employment or higher education

Graduate Options

  • Full-time employment in the retail and hospitality sectors
  • Academic pathways to further tertiary study

For further information and enrolment details, please contact us: