Available to MSD-registered job seekers


Programme Name: Employment Placement Service (EPS)
Specialised Area: Employment training and placement
Government Funding Body: Ministry of Social Development (MSD)
Programme Length: 12 weeks
Tuition fee guide: Free for eligible MSD-registered job seekers
Participant travel allowance: Available weekly

Who Should Enrol:

  • MSD registered job seekers
  • Clients who are interested to enter the job markets in the retail and hospitality sectors

Entry Requirement

  • A MSD Case Manager referral
  • Applicants may be interviewed to assess their suitability for the programme

Enrolment documents

The EPS programme is dedicated to MSD-registered job seekers. We will require confirmation of the MSD referral prior to enrolment.

Programme Aim

The Employment Placement Service (EPS) aims to prepare clients for sustainable employment. This service assists clients to prepare for, transition into, and stay in work.

EMS has a proven track record of effective learner recruitment and training delivery. EMS has built and strengthened its connections and partnerships with a broad range of Government agencies, industries and businesses, employers and communities.

Programme Structure

There are five modules in our EPS programme:

Module 1 – Assessment, Planning and Motivation

Module 2 – Work Preparation

  • Drug and alcohol education;
  • Literacy and numeracy;
  • Presentation and grooming;
  • Advice and assistance with budgeting;
  • Career guidance and mentoring;
  • Advice and assistance with travel
  • Managing your health
  • Balancing family and work responsibilities
  • Job Seeker Package
  • Short-sharp pre-tests for interviews
  • Workplace communication
  • Value Add component

Module 3 – Industry specific training

  • Developing skills training for participants that meet employer and industry requirements;
  • Assessing the skills, qualities, abilities and potential of each participant;
  • Providing participants with specific skills to gain and sustain employment;
  • Linking training to the achievement of a licence, certificate, NZQA recognised unit standard or similar recognition of on-going value to employers that will assist in longer term employment opportunities wherever practicable; and,
  • Providing “on the job” training as and when required.

Module 4 – Work Search and Employment Placement

We assist you to achieve suitable and sustainable industry-related employment by:

  • Providing on-going support and guidance to service participants;
  • Arranging interviews for participants with employers;
  • Identifying and linking service participants to employment opportunities; and/or,
  • Looking at other employment opportunities to avoid the return to benefit through networks.

Module 5 – Post Placement Support

We offer post-placement support once you are placed into employment.

Graduate Options

  • Full-time employment in the retail and hospitality sectors
  • Academic pathways to further tertiary study

For further information and enrolment details, please contact us: