NZQA approved training scheme

Level 3


Programme Name: Making Futures Happen – Intensive English
Specialised Area: General English (ESOL)
Programme Level: Level 3 Training Scheme
Programme Levels: From elementary to advanced level (CEFR standard: A1 to B2)
NZQA accreditation listing:
Programme Length: From 4 weeks
2018 price list: Programme Price List

Who Should Enrol?

This programme is designed for students who:

  • want to build a solid foundation in English language proficiency for living and working in New Zealand;
  • want to meet English language entry criteria for our certificate and diploma programmes, or for studying elsewhere in New Zealand at a university, polytechnic or private training establishment.

Entry Requirement

Applicants are usually interviewed to assess their suitability for this programme.

Programme Aim

The Intensive English ESOL programme provides a fast track to English fluency and proficiency. Whether you have specific ESOL requirements or are interested in improving your English language skills, our years of experience will help you meet academic, professional, and social needs. The curriculum prepares individuals for academic and professional success. Most importantly, you will enjoy your everyday progress and success with us.

Programme Structure

No Class Level Entry (IELTS equivalent) Est. Study Duration Learning Outcome (IELTS equivalent) Learning Outcome (CEFR equivalent)
1 Beginner 3~6 months Elementary (3.0) A2
2 Elementary Elementary 3.0 or below 3~6 months Pre-intermediate (4.0) B1 (low)
3 Pre-intermediate 4.0 3~6 months Intermediate (5.0) B1 (high)
4 Intermediate 5.0 3 months Upper-Intermediate (5.5) B2 (low)
5 Upper-Intermediate 5.5 3 months Advanced Level (6.0) B2 (mid)
6 Advanced Level 6.0 3~6 months Advanced Level (6.5 or above) B2 (high)

Class level is allocated after the standard entry placement test.

Class schedule for 2018

We enrol new learners every Monday.

Classes cover all language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking, grammar and vocabulary.

Classes are made up of students from all around the world, and provide students with a great opportunity to practise and improve their English while learning about other cultures. Experienced ESOL-qualified teaching staff are employed to teach on this programme.

Class Schedule Contact Time Class Focus Topics
09.00 ~ 10.30 10 minutes break 1.5 hours Relevant Cambridge English and other purposely selected textbooks The morning session introduces new language; vocabulary, grammar, idioms. In this session students learn and practice new language with a focus on the four main skills of speaking, listening, writing, and reading. Tutors use a prescribed textbook according to the level of the class.
10.30 ~ 12.00 1.5 hours Same as above Same as above


Class Schedule Contact Time Class Focus Topics
13.00 ~ 14.00 10 minutes break 1 hour Extended everyday English This session gives students the opportunity to focus on their communication skills. In this session students are encouraged to actively use language features they have recently learnt in order to build their creativity, fluency, and confidence in the language.
14.00 ~ 15.00 1 hour Specific topics This session allows students to focus on specific topics. In this session students are able to apply new language features to specialised topics. Topics are determined by the needs of the class.

Fortnightly one-on-one session (1:1)

In addition, every fortnight your tutor will meet with you for 15 minutes to discuss your progress and give specific feedback on how to continue to improve.

Private Tuition Session

Private Tuition is either organised 1:1 or in small group sessions. It is very effective at perfecting the areas of the English language that you need the most help with. Tuition is based on what the learner wants to achieve and is focused on enhancing learning at all levels. Tuition sessions are held on the EMS premises during work hours and in the evening. Private tuition is charged at an hourly rate with a minimum of six hours teaching.

Immigration New Zealand Work Rights

Our ESOL learners will be eligible to work during their study in New Zealand:

  • Working holiday visa holder: eligible to enrol to study for up to 3 months
  • Student visa holder: eligible to work up to 20 hours per week once a VOC is permitted by Immigration New Zealand. IELTS 5.0 is required.

Graduate Options

  • Academic pathways with IELTS 5.5:
    • EMS’ New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 5)
    • University Foundation programmes (at the discretion of the institution)
    • Equivalent diploma Level 5 programmes at polytechnics and private training establishments in New Zealand

For further information and enrolment details, please contact us: